Sunday, December 18, 2011

Stargate SG1 Replicator Carter

More custom bait today: I picked this up for five bucks at St. Mark's Comics. As you can see above, this was more or less a loose figure, missing the back of the pack. Eh. I'd have thrown it out, anyway.

The figure was made by Diamond Select, a company which does good work. I'm not all that familiar with the show, but the character looks awfully lifelike. My only major complain is with the shoulders, which are cut rather than ball joints.

My wife and I picked this up for a few reasons. There are some cool looking techno-things. I don't know what they are, and I don't really care: as far as I'm concerned, they're whatever I need them to be.

She also comes with a piece of a Stargate. It's almost worth it trying to track down the other pieces: while I'm not a fan of the show or movie, I'd love to have a Stargate around.

She's got a few right hands in addition to the blade (which, by the way, could easily put an eye out). One hand looks normal, while other appears to be a sort of halfway point. I hope this was significant in the show, because otherwise it's a waste of time.

My wife likes the character's head, and I like the accessories. At five bucks, we decided to buy her and see what we came up with.

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