Wednesday, July 6, 2011

An Open Letter to PBS and the Makers of WordGirl

To Whom it May Concern:

We have a problem here. Not just any problem: we have a serious issue that we need to address.

The fact is, WordGirl has been in production for four or five years now, and I still can't buy an action figure. That's not okay.

Let me elucidate, so that the severity of the conundrum is clear. Or whatever.

See, I'm a huge superhero fan. I've read thousands of comics, seen almost every superhero movie ever made, and watched hundreds of hours of superhero cartoons. And I've noticed something interesting: whether a superhero story is good or not really comes down to whether the people writing that story understand superheroes. A lot of people don't. But you guys do.

WordGirl is an educational show intended for an audience of 6 - 12 years olds. I get that. But you've also made one of the best superhero shows currently on TV. It's funny, clever, and interesting. Plus, there's a villain with a mouse brain fused to his head.

Do you see why there's a problem? There's a villain with a mouse brain sticking out of his skull AND I CAN'T BUY A TOY AT TOYS R US.

Okay. I'm calm. Look, you know what? You can hold off on Dr. Two-Brains for a while. Maybe he can be in wave two. But the world really needs a WordGirl action figure. And we need it now.

I'm a grown man asking for a doll here. Come on. You know there's a market for this. Just promise me you'll look into it, all right? Just a WordGirl action figure.

Oh. And Captain Huggy Face. But that should go without saying.


Erin Snyder
Toy Remix


  1. You know girls don't play with superhero toys, and female action figures are always the LAST to sell from toy store shelves, right?

    *steps into interdimensional transporter and returns from Bizarro World (aka 'toy company executive meeting') to our own reality

    Sorry, what was I saying again? Oh yeah, I've not seen the show in question but support you and your campaign 100% - and am now intrigued and will be YouTubing or to find out more about WordGirl!

  2. It manages to educate young children while simultaneously mocking the fact it's doing so. WordGirl is awesome.