Sunday, July 17, 2011

Remix: Zatanna Playset

I can't bring myself to call this a custom. All I really did was glue the smoke dragon to a plastic rod, glue the rod to a bunch of cubes, then glue the cubes to JLU figure stand. As such, I'm dubbing this a "Remix." Might as well use the blog's name for something, and this seems appropriate.

I'm of the opinion Zatanna should have come with all this out of the package. Since she didn't, I had to pick up the slack.

Incidentally, the reason those extra cubes are there is that the glue wasn't holding without them. I needed stability, even at the expense of looking a tad silly.

The dragon was an extra from a Shadowrun Liada figure, the very same who donated her cape to this project. The table is from a Kiss figure I bought for this reason. It's actually the "I" in Kiss, but I think it works well here.

Here are some of the pieces "before":

The only thing permanently altered is the smoke dragon and clear stand: everything else is just repurposed.

The rabbit ran me three bucks, which is WAY more than he should have cost. But I was kind of desperate to have this project done.

You know something? He was worth the $3.


  1. Pretty cool! A bunny that could fit in the hat would be perfect... I'll have to keep an eye out for appropriately sized rabbit toys.

  2. Pretty neat! I love shopping for "accessories" for figures too. Especially when the come cheap. :)

  3. That is pretty awesome and it looks great.

  4. I definitely wish I'd have been able to find some detailed rabbits small enough to fit in the hat, though barring that, I like that the rabbit I found can wear the hat.

    I've got my eyes open, though. One of these days...