Sunday, May 1, 2011

Custom Green Lantern

So, I've got this head off of Grendel's mother. And I've got all these extra Green Lantern figures lying around. Seemed obvious to me.

I haven't bothered naming the character, but I've been referring to him as "the magician." The concept (besides just being a generic alien in the Corps) is that he uses his ring to enable and enhance his magic. Several members of the Corps use their rings to construct guns and other technological weapons; I figured that, with the sheer amount of magic energy floating around the DCU, someone could just as easily construct runic shapes. Sort of a Doctor Fate of the Lantern Corps, I guess. Yeah, I know Alan Scott is already sort of a mystic Green Lantern, but he's not part of the Corps.

In terms of construction....

My wife was kind enough to drill a larger hole in Grendel's mother's head (she doesn't trust me not to break her tools; I don't trust myself not to take off a finger - we have a good arrangement). I used kneadatite to sculpt back in enough of a neck to fit around the ball joint, then painted it. Here's the head in progress (the painting was about 1/3rd done at this point, but you can see how it works).

I honestly don't remember whether the body I used came off of Hal or Sinestro, but they're identical... so who cares? The only alteration I made was to the forearms, which I pained shiny green.

The hands belong to Low, from the Maash/Low Sinestro Corps figure (hey, I could only have one at a time anyway, and Maash was cooler). I painted these similar to the head, changed the ring from yellow to green, and swapped them for the "normal" ones. The pegs are different shapes, so it's not a perfect fit. Still, they seem secure enough.

The cape is from a Shadowrun figure named Liada we bought years ago for her accessories. I considered trying to redo the clasp as a Green Lantern symbol, but decided that sounded like a lot of work.

The whole thing came together nicely. The head's a little loose (and it's angled up a little more than I'd like), but I think the end effect is pretty cool.

At some point, I'd like to get him a green marble to hold as a crystal ball. I'm also going to keep my eyes out for a good tail: I wanted to include one, but despite having a good half dozen options in my bins, I just couldn't find anything that looked right.

For the time being, though, I'm declaring him finished.


  1. I like it! I like it a lot!I might of added some black or a darker blue around the eyes and a long the edge line that comes from the eyes...and maybe the nose. Just to define him a bit more. But thats just me. Awesome!

  2. Ha!, Did you know you just did a sex change on a unknowing action figure? Hey, action figures have rights too, you know!

    Man, I really do need to get some rest!

  3. Bravo! Makes me want to start the lab! -ATTS