Monday, May 2, 2011

Green Lantern Classics: Medphyll and NautKeLoi

I picked this pair up at a comic shop a week ago. They're part of the second (and apparently final) wave of Green Lantern Classics figures Mattel released.

Like Low and Maash, you get one Green Lantern body and two heads. Of course, you can always buy a second figure, so you can display both.

Or, I don't know, you could swap out the head for one of your extra Hal or Sinestro figures from the Green Lantern's Light five-pack you bought on Ebay. Your choice.

The new body is actually a slight update. In addition to using a darker paint, they've swapped out the "human" feet for something a bit more alien.

The heads are pretty good, but not spectacular. They're very silver-age in appearance, so they don't fit in perfectly with the more modern versions we've been getting (particularly with the villains). Still, they're close enough, so it's no big deal.

If I was only going to display one, I'd probably go with NautKeLoi (that's fish-head, for those of you with a Masters in nerdery), though I wish they had went with a closed mouth.

I like the water tank he wears. The dome does come off, so you can attach and pose his head. Unfortunately, the dome doesn't leave any extra room between his head and the clear plastic on the sides, so he needs to be looking straight forward when it's on.

These are definitely army-builders, but they're good army builders. I suspect whoever planned this released them knowing collectors had extra bodies, and I, for one, appreciate that. I'm not fawning over these figures, but I basically got two Green Lanterns for the price of... well... about one and a half (twenty bucks... really?).

You also get one of Stel's legs. Barring this line going on clearance, I don't anticipate ever having the pieces to finish him, so that's going into the custom bin.

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