Monday, May 16, 2011

Masters of the Universe Custom Stand: Grassy Plain

As a kid, I hated He-Man. Now, I'm kind of obsessed. I don't get it, either.

Anyway... this is a base that came with a stupid looking Charlie and the Chocolate Factory figure from the stupid remake that came out six years ago. I don't recall what we paid for it, but it wasn't much. There used to be a bunch of mushrooms, but we pulled those off when we bought the set. I took this picture after filling in some holes with Kneadatite:

This is the head of Gorillius, a Skelleflex figure also picked up on clearance. I reviewed him back at the Clearance Bin, if you're interested.

And here's why I bothered:

I like the dead grass effect. Also, the skull came out really nice (considering the fact I laid down about seven layers of paint, I suppose it better have).


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