Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Masters of the Universe Custom Stand: Stone

Okay, that picture's a little misleading: that's more like what I was going for than what I ended up with. I'll explain in a minute. First....

Let me introduce you to this snowy landscape, courtesy of one of my Forever Fun Rudolph sets.

This started life as part of a two-pack with Sam and Frosty. Here's what it looked like in its package. 

I know: riveting stuff, right? Anyway, speaking objectively, do you know what the difference is between the texture of snow and stone? Not a goddamn thing:

I want to take a minute to call attention to that peg, because it wasn't in the 'before' picture. That sucker's made out of Kneadatite, using the figure's foot hole for the shape. Bet you didn't think I was that clever, did you?

Bet you were right. The peg was all Lindsay.

Now then. Onto the other piece. This is the chunk of earth that came with a DC Direct Terra (here's the review, if you're so inclined).

There's a peg hole on the bottom of that chunk, so I thought it'd be cool if I had a connectable extension to the base. I actually painted over the whole thing, so it would be more a granite than a dark gray. Maybe I should have done some more experimenting before going through the trouble. First of all, because the base isn't flat, the extension piece isn't very steady. It would still balance, but not well. More importantly, neither He-Man or Skeletor have the hip articulation to make this worth it. Oops.

At least the rocky base is still cool.

Ultimately, I think I prefer the "pirate" stand for Skeletor and the grass plain one for He-Man. Oh, well: it was still fun to paint. I'm sure I'll find a use for it someday.

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