Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ebaying: Streaky the Supercat

I've been reading through a tome of old Supergirl reprints lately. Man, the Golden Age was bizarre. I mean REALLY bizarre. Do you have any idea how many times Supergirl's horse turned into a human and they made out? It's more than you'd think.

At this point, I figure most people are pretty familiar with Supergirl, herself; the girl from Krypton rocketed to Earth like her older cousin (and his dog). I don't think that her pet Supercat is quite as well known.

Of course, they're both far better known than the aforementioned Comet, the Super-horse. And let's not even get started on Beppo, the Super-Monkey.

Unlike Supeman, Supergirl, Krypto, and Beppo, Streaky was not from Krypton. No, like Comet, he hailed from Earth (but unlike Comet, he was an actual animal, rather than a centaur accidentally transformed into a horse, given superpowers by Circe, then trapped in distant space by an evil curse for thousands of years). No, Streaky's just a cat who got his powers by accident.

The significance of Streaky is that he was originally included as an accessory with the 13 inch DC Direct Supergirl figure. And the significance of that action figure is that I never bought it.

I actually came close a few times when I've seen it on clearance. Whenever I've mentioned this to Lindsay, she's pointed out that we already have a 12-inch Supergirl, in the form of Barbie. And, ultimately, that 12-inch figure is better scaled to the 13-inch DC Direct figures we actually own.

Also, while the head sculpt on the DC Direct Supergirl looks nice, the costume on the Barbie looks better. In fact, taken as a whole, the Barbie's probably a nicer toy.

But, I pointed out time and time again, THE DC DIRECT SUPERGIRL COMES WITH STREAKY.

This argument never carried the weight I'd expected it to, and, in the end, I agreed dropping a significant amount of cash on a character we already own just so I could have a small toy cat accessory probably wasn't the best use of our funds....

Jump ahead to a few months ago. I was searching around Ebay, and hope against hope, someone was letting their Streaky go. For around six bucks (including shipping), I wound up getting a Streaky of my own.

So. How is it?

Pretty good, overall, though it's a bit small (it must seem miniscule beside the larger DC Direct Supergirl). It has a cut neck, but no other joints, which is a bit disappointing. The cape's pretty nice, though, and the expression is awfully cute.

The fact I paid less for this than I did for Dex-Starr hasn't escaped my notice. In case you were wondering.

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