Saturday, April 30, 2011

Green Lantern Classics: Low/Maash

I pre-ordered this guy (guys?) from Amazon, then waited about 6 months for them to show up. I had to confirm I still wanted him once or twice, and I can't remember how many times they changed the shipping estimate.

But, in the end, Mattel and Amazon came through for me, and it showed up.

I mainly ordered him out of curiosity. If memory serves, this was the first of these figures to come with an alternate head (well, first of the mass-market ones, anyway).

Collectors have been begging Mattel to start including those forever. Although, to be honest, I don't think this is really what we had in mind. I generally prefer alternate versions of the SAME character. There's a little less incentive in getting two heads for different figures, since you can only display one. And buying an entire second figure just to use the other head kind of defeats the point.

However, it does mean one less figure in the wave if you want to build-a-figure (in this case, Arkillo, whose leg is pictured above). Plus, customizers love having spare parts. I know I do.

The figures are more or less what we've come to expect. I really like Maash (the one with three faces, for those of you who aren't total geeks). Low's also cool, but I'd say the sum of his parts feels better than his whole. Guess which is going on display and which is getting used for customs....

I was happy to get this through Amazon for fifteen bucks, especially when I stopped by Toys R Us, where they're charging $21. That's... pushing it a bit.

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