Monday, April 25, 2011

Green Lantern Classics: Kyle Rayner

Kyle Rayner isn't a bad character, but, to be honest, I probably find him the least interesting of all the Green Lanterns.

I don't just mean the humans, either. Of the thousands of Lanterns from all corners of the Universe, Kyle's just kind of dull. Sure, Hal Jordan comes off as generic, too, but Jordan's interesting as the leader, the best of the best.

Kyle's just an artist who was randomly handed a ring.

That said, the Corps wouldn't feel complete without the guy. So I'm glad that, after making every other human Lantern - including Alan Scott, who's not technically part of the Corps - as well as a handful of aliens, Mattel grudgingly released Kyle Rayner.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Setting aside the character, this is probably the best human lantern figure Mattel's made - no surprise; they've had a lot of practice. The mask, painted in the same shiny green they've been using on the rings, looks fantastic, and they did some good work on the outfit.

The real payoff comes with the accessories, though. In addition to a unique power battery and the leg of Arkillo (a Collect-and-Connect figure I want, but don't anticipate ever completing), he comes with the best energy construct Mattel's included to date: that kick-ass sword and gauntlet.

He also comes with a pair of 3D glasses. How about another picture of that sword?

At the price point these are commanding ($18 - $22, unless you get lucky; $25 or more or you get desperate and buy online), I can't imagine this appealing to anyone who hasn't already assembled a group of eight or nine Green Lanterns. Then again, who else is collecting the line anyway? At least those of us willing to hand over that kind of cash are getting something decent for our buck.

It might not be a good value, but that sword makes getting scammed a lot easier to swallow.

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