Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Now I have a Phaser....

Toys R Us has been carrying a number of Diamond Select's Star Trek accessories since Abrams' reboot came out a few years back. My wife and I love Star Trek - particularly original series - but we were a little hesitant to pay full price for some of this stuff.

Fortunately, that's no longer necessary. While the movie merchandise has been on clearance forever, Toys R Us left the "classic" replicas full price... until recently.

This is one of two variants, the other being darker in color (Toys R Us only carried the one - I think I'd have have gone with the other if everything else was equal).

I like Diamond Select. They're good at making toys for grownups. Sure, you could buy a far nicer replica, but good luck picking it up for twenty bucks.

The buttons and knobs function as "settings," allowing you to set your phaser to stun, kill, torch, or disrupt. You can even set it on overload, and it'll make a "self destruct" sound. The red light flashes at different speeds depending on your setting.

Take your pick, but remember: stun is for pussies.

You can also disconnect the top, converting it into a hand-phaser. You know, so you don't need to haul the whole thing around when you're wiping out alien civilizations.

All in all, it's pretty sweet. These seem to have disappeared from the Toys R Us stores around here, but if you're living outside NYC, it might be worth a trip to see if they have any at a good price.

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