Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fisher Price Imaginext Catwoman (and Catcycle)

A long, long time ago I bought and reviewed a couple of Imaginext DC figures over at the Clearance Bin. This was before the existence of the similarly scaled Action League figures, and at the time I thought they'd be the closest I'd ever come to having a DC analog to Marvel's Superhero Squad.

Obviously, Mattel eventually did produce the Action League figures, so I made the jump. While I've occasionally considered more of the Fisher Price figures, I've ultimately stayed away. It's not that I haven't liked the toys (I have), it's just that they never became a priority.

The only time I was tempted was with this set, which appeared in Toys R Us stores earlier this year. I almost bought it several times, but somehow convinced myself I didn't need it.

On a recent visit to a Big Lots, I saw one going for just $5.50 (which I think is a few bucks less than Toys R Us was asking, though to be honest I can't recall the exact amount). At any rate, you can already see I broke down.

While the line is pretty good overall, this is probably the coolest figure they've produced. They went with the modern catsuit, which is my favorite version of the costume (though the old purple version is a close second). The bright blue goggles look fantastic, too.

The strong point of this set is the accessories. The whip is decent for this scale and fits nicely in Selena's hand. She also comes with a growling cat, which is surprisingly creepy up close.

Last but certainly not least, she comes with a cat-cycle, which is really something. The design exudes silver age silliness, particularly in the front. It has a couple modes, courtesy of a play feature that pops the wheels forward with the press of a button. The "tail" is articulated, giving you a couple of options.

It's a fun little toy and - compared to the more "collector friendly" figures on the market - a hell of a bargain at less than six bucks. There's nothing wrong with a toy that geared towards a younger market, and, frankly, with the over-sexualization present in Catwoman's comics (and many of the toys/statues on the market), it's kind of refreshing seeing a version of the character that's kid friendly.


  1. I think Bubba and Super-D has one of these and i think it's very nice. I almost picked one up along with the Clayface and "Non-Killer" Croc from this line.

  2. Super-Duper Toy Box definitely has one, along with a fantastic review and - as usual - some amazing photos:


    Check out the first comment under his review to see my willpower wavering.

  3. Yup, I have this one too. A superb toy, and HOPEFULLY a sign of more female Dc characters to come in the Imaginext line.