Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Action League Green Lantern 3-Pack: Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan, and John Stewart

I almost never get to visit Walmart. I know, I know: most people would consider me lucky. But after six years living in New York, I miss the place. Well, I miss aspects of the place.

Lindsay and I recently rented a car just to get out of the city and drive around for a few days; sort of a mini-vacation. And one of the things we did was stop at a few Walmarts. Among other things, we found a bunch of Green Lantern 3-Packs going for $9.44 each, which is less than I usually pay for a 2-pack in the city. I had no idea these sets even existed, but I grabbed this one. There were some other options, as well, as advertised on the back:

The others are solid deals, but I only wanted one figure each from those packs. Ten bucks would have been a bit pricey, so I just got the one.

None of these figures are unique, though the set is a Walmart Exclusive. This is the same Hal Jordan I already own, along with John Stewart from the recent wave of two-packs and the Guy Gardner from the Batman: Brave and the Bold Action League toys (at least I think it's the same).

The best figure here - in my opinion - is the Guy Gardner. His head is stylized, yet instantly recognizable, and he has a different body than the other two.

John Stewart (my favorite Earth-based Green Lantern) is good, though they went a little overboard on the caricature of his face. My thoughts on Hal haven't changed since the last time I reviewed him: he's not a bad figure, but there's something seriously off in the face.

The articulation is the same as ever: cut joints on the neck, shoulders, and waists. I still wish they'd make ball jointed shoulders standard and add cuts to the wrists, but I'm coming to terms with what we've got.

These aren't perfect toys, but I really like the style. And, at a refreshingly reasonable price, I'm pretty happy overall.

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