Sunday, October 30, 2011

Once Again, Mattel Violates the Treaty

"I don't buy dolls: I buy collectible action figures."

As toy collectors, the above line is supposed to be our shield, our defense against the charge we purchase dolls. On some level, we know it's an illusion (there's no metaphysical difference between the two - there never was), but it's all we have.

And, once again, Mattel is violently yanking it away from us. It's bad enough they forced me to buy Barbies when they made superheroes under that brand, not to mention the Speed Racer 2-pack and the Barbie/Ken as Star Trek characters my wife reviewed.

Now they're at it again. Lindsay and I came across these Polly Pocket figures dressed as Supergirl and Wonder Woman in a Target recently. She wanted to buy them, but I told her she couldn't and snatched them out of her hands.

These were mine.

I mean, come on. They're freaking adorable. Wonder Woman even has little bracers: I honestly don't think I had any choice in the matter.

Articulation is limited but decent. The heads are attached with ball-joints, which work well. The shoulders are also ball jointed, but Supergirl's are limited by her outfit. It's made of a soft rubber, so you can still get some motion, but I don't want to push it for fear of damaging the suit. There's also a cut joint at the waist, but it moves the figures out of alignment with their costumes. Finally, the legs are connected with pin joints, but - once again - the suits get in the way. In terms of posing, you're going to need to lean these against something to keep them standing.

Each figure comes with a single accessory: a character-themed bag, presumably for trick-or-treating. These were five bucks each, which is pretty reasonable.

However, I'm still pissed at Mattel for making me buy dolls. I won't settle for anything less than an apology and a release of the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Polly Pocket Batgirl, so I can complete my collection.


  1. I spotted these too at Target and was tempted to buy them but i passed and now they are all gone.

  2. If they had put the Batgirl on shelves I would have bought one!