Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lemax Spooky Town Lighted Moon

I was meandering through a Michaels recently, when I came across this. Normally, it would cost $14.95, but all their Lemax Collectibles were marked 50% off. Seven-fifty for a light up moon? It seemed like a steal. I mean, look at that picture on the side: that looks awesome.

Ah. The power of photoshop. Want to see what the moon ACTUALLY looks like when this thing is turned on?

Okay. Uh. I know moonlight looks blue and all, but the moon itself... well, that's usually yellow or orange. Like in the picture. Or when this thing is turned off. This thing actually looks more like I imagine the Earth looks when you're standing on the moon.

Also, when it's turned on, it makes a soft, high pitched whistling sound, kind of like a small fly is buzzing around the inside of your ear canal trying to escape. It... gets annoying after a while.

This is quite a bit nicer turned off than on. Though if I wanted a moon on a disk, I could have made a far nicer one using a sticker. And it would have cost a hell of a lot less than $7.50.

It's not awful. No, actually it is kind of awful. Well, it's not without merits. The metal bar holding it up extends, giving you some options on how you want it displayed. And, despite not being the right color, it still looks kind of neat when used with the right toys.


  1. I never know there is just a gadget. This is the first time I seen one. Interesting.

  2. It's neat they actually made something like this.