Monday, October 24, 2011

Green Lantern Classics: Star Sapphire Carol Ferris

This was picked up at a K-Mart in New Jersey, where she was marked down to $12.39. While I really like Star Sapphire as a character, I would have skipped this entirely if it weren't for the Collect & Connect piece. Because, while I like the character, I hate the current outfit.

This is - unfortunately - accurate to her look in the comics recently. The character was never overdressed, but this really takes the concept about ten steps too far. This isn't appealing or attractive - it's just stupid.

The head sculpt is fine, though not really spectacular. Honestly, comparing this to some of my other DC Universe and Green Lantern Classics, I can't help but wonder if the sculptors aren't similarly unimpressed with the design. The Four Horsemen always do solid work, but I don't see much evidence they went above and beyond this time. Can't say I blame them.

The articulation is lacking, as well. This is the first of the redesigned female figures I've gotten my hands on, and I'm not impressed. There's almost no articulation in the stomach or neck joints, severely limiting posing options.

Accessories are similarly lacking. The only thing you get is Stel's left arm, which certainly doesn't justify the prices these are commanding in some cases (over $20 at the Toys R Us near my apartment).

Even at $12.39, I don't feel like I landed much of a deal. Still, worth it for the Collect & Connect piece I needed.

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  1. I keep thinking Vampirella when i see this figure.