Sunday, October 16, 2011

October Horrors, Pt. 6: Dissection of a Kiss

I bought this figure a few months back for the giant 'I' packaged in the lower left - I wanted to give it to Zatanna as a table (more on that here).

Here's the figure intact with all his accessories. Don't get attached.

Almost immediately, the figure's lower arm snapped off. I didn't have much interest in keeping the figure intact anyway, so I decided to salvage the parts.

The head is fascinating. Despite being a traditional action figure in most respects, the head is actually more like a typical doll's: soft, hollow plastic with rooted hair.

He also came with this delightful spear.

I've kept everything except the green fuzz. I have no idea how much of this stuff I'll get around to using, but you never know.

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