Monday, October 17, 2011

Creatology Halloween Vinyl Decorating Toys

These small, vinyl figures are being sold at Michaels for Halloween. While I've got some history with Michaels (I worked at one for a year right after college), I didn't actually stumble on these. I found out about these guys when Wes reviewed the pumpkin one over at Scary-Crayon Reviews and I went looking. The Michaels near me was sold out (assuming they ever had them in stock), though I did find a Santa vinyl figure (but it wouldn't be right to discuss that so far before Christmas, would it?).

I had some luck at a Michaels further afield, which miraculously had all four. They didn't have many left, either - at least one of these was the last in stock. At a mere $1.99 each, I picked up one of each. The only "packaging" is the cardboard tag tied to their necks. Inside, it offers a suggestion for how they might look painted.

These have cut neck and shoulder joints. Right now, my favorites are the pumpkin-head and the Frankenstein's monster, though that could change when I get them painted.

They're not spectacular, but they are a lot of fun and a bargain at two bucks each.


  1. Those are kind of neat! I might have to stop in at Micheal's and give them a look see i like the Fankenstein one. : )

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