Thursday, October 27, 2011

Green Lantern Classics: Collect & Connect Stel

Wave two of the Green Lantern Classics contains six figures (well, six packs - technically, there are eleven figures if you count the alternate heads and the three pack). At any rate, each toy comes with part of Stel.

I bought three of the packs more or less immediately. I wanted the three pack of mini-figures, and the toys with alternate heads, so I didn't hesitate. I was less excited by the others. In fact, I find one of the others downright disappointing (that would be Star Sapphire), another cool but not really essential for my collection (G'Hu), and the last fine but underwhelming (Sodam Yat). If you're wondering why I felt the need to recap several reviews, it's for contrast. Because while those weren't spectacular, I absolutely love this Stel.

I'm not a huge fan of the comic character, thought I like the little I've seen. Unlike some others, Stel's never gotten a major role on any of the animated properties, which makes him a bit more obscure. But I like the Green Lantern Corps being diverse, so having a robot in the mix is certainly appreciated.

What's more appreciated is this toy: this thing is awesome. No, strike that: it's AWESOME.

The green metallic paint is beautiful, and the brighter green highlights, representing pulsating energy, stand out nicely. The sculpt is just about perfect. Robotic characters always have an edge when captured in plastic, since the joints don't look out of place. This takes full advantage of that fact, delivering an amazing looking toy with great articulation.

I can't think of any greater compliment than this: Stel was worth picking up those extra figures. Heck: even they look pretty good beside him.