Saturday, September 21, 2013

Huntress (Helena Bertinelli)

I'm going to be brief, because once you've reviewed one Mattel DC Universe Classics figure, you've reviewed them all. And I've reviewed dozens over the years.

Technically, this isn't a DC Universe Classics figure, but rather part of the "Signature Collection," which is just the name Mattel slapped onto the box when they moved the line from stores to their website. They have a few other lines in stores now, mainly focusing on Batman figures and characters from video games.

I generally try to stay away from Matty Collector. It's not so much the horror stories about Digital River (I've actually had good luck with my purchases) - it's the price. Sure, this is just $20, the same I'd pay at most toy stores, but that's before shipping. When all was said and done, I dropped more than thirty bucks getting this figure. Ouch.

The package is pretty standard for this line. The design is fine, though the art is a bit too fan-servicey for my tastes. 

The figure is pretty standard for the line. They've moved the leg articulation around - there's a cut just above the knee that's concealed by her costume, and the standard cuts on the upper leg and boot are gone. The belt also restricts her cut waist and legs a bit. For what it's worth, I got more range out of the neck joint than I expected.

The only accessory she comes with is a crossbow, which feels a little light at this price point. It doesn't even fit that well in her hand. I can work it into her grip, but it falls out with the slightest nudge. Plus, it seems like Mattel could have sprung for some paint. The purple is a decent color for the weapon, but I'd rather something more realistic looking.

I'd also have appreciated a stand - even the crappy ones Mattel made for DCUC (pictured above) - but they didn't see fit to include one.

I'm not crazy about the head sculpt. It's not awful, but I expect better. Compare this to some of the older sculpts and you'll see what I mean - this just doesn't hold up.

The outfit tooling is good, especially the detail work on the boots and gloves. The cape looks good, too.

Overall, this is a pretty mediocre figure. However, it's almost certainly the last Helena Bertinelli figure anyone will be making in the near future, seeing as the character has been retconned out of existence in the New 52.

Hopefully, Mattel will give us a decent Oracle someday, so we can assemble the Birds of Prey. I don't know how likely that is, but there's always hope.

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