Friday, February 17, 2012

DC Universe Classics: Big Barda

Wow - Wave 7. Where did the time go? We're on Wave 20 now. At any rate, I recently picked up Big Barda's husband, Mr. Miracle, and realized he was kind of boring on his own. So I ordered Barda, a former warrioress of Apokolips, now superheroine. I've actually come close to buying Barda numerous times in the past - I really like her outfit - but always hesitated due to price.

There are actually two versions of the character available: one with her helmet and one without. From a purely aesthetic standpoint, I like the other a little better. I went with this one mainly because she was cheaper. However, now that I have the figure in hand, I'm glad I went with this one. I'll explain why in a minute.

First, let's talk sculpt and paint. Overall, I think this figure looks fantastic. The scale armor is gorgeous, and the face looks good. I do think they could have done a little better on her helmet, however: say, by using metallic paint instead of primary yellow. In addition, there are gaps in her forearms around the cut joints, which is a bit disappointing.

Her articulation leaves a bit to be desired, due to her shorts and helmet, but that's to be expected. For accessories, she comes with a cosmic rod and one of Atom Smasher's arms. Not much, but I'm used to that. The accessory I'd have loved, of course, is the alternate head sculpt.

Now then. Let's discuss my real issue with this figure: scale. Look at the picture above: Barda's shorter than her husband. You know how her name's Big Barda? It's not supposed to be ironic.

Remember when I said I was glad I got the version with a helmet? It's because the other version would look even smaller.

I appreciate that this really comes down to money. Mattel doesn't have a slightly larger female body on hand, and they weren't about to invest the cash to create one. Consequently, Barda's the same size and shape as Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and every other woman they'd released. That's a shame, since her size is something of a defining character trait.

I know DC Direct also produced a version of the character and that theirs is more accurate in scale. But, despite this issue, I wanted the DC Universe Classics version. I like the articulation (even when limited) and the overall balance between toy and statue better.

Regardless of her faults, she's a cool figure. The outfit looks great, and she's a great addition to the DC shelf. Ultimately, now that I've got Orion, Mr. Miracle, and Big Barda, I'm pretty content with my collection of New Gods (at least as far as the good guys are concerned - I'd still love to have a Granny Goodness, but Mattel hasn't made one yet).

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  1. I always liked her and husband's coloring. Nice and bright.