Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DC Universe Classics: Robin

This isn't the first DC Universe Classics Robin I've reviewed. Thirteen waves and one toy review site ago, I looked at Mattel's attempt at a Tim Drake Robin. That's still my favorite version of the character, by the way. Since then, I also bought the Young Justice version of Dick Grayson in the same scale.

Today, I'm looking at a figure that's kind of in the middle.

This is one of two versions Mattel released in Wave 16. The other has a more "Golden Age" expression. I chose this one because... well, honestly, I didn't "choose" him at all: he was the only one left in the store.

For a while, I thought his face was awful. But the more I look at him, the more convinced I am that his face is fine (well, other than those paint smudges): it's his costume that sucks.

Yes, this is the character's Golden and Silver Age outfit, and yes, it's accurately represented. But it still looks bad. The yellow/red/green combination clashes, and he really shouldn't be fighting crime without pants. Also, those shoes looked stupid in the forties, and the decades haven't changed a thing.

The articulation is good. Actually, the articulation is really good. He's got double-pin joints on his elbows and knees, pin-and-post joints on his wrists and shoes, and a neck joint that actually works. This is as good as Mattel gets.

On top of that, you get a fair assortment of extras this time. First off, you get the head and lower waist of Bane, parts you'll need if you want to complete him.

You also get two or three (depending on how you're counting) accessories. First, you get a bat-a-rang; generic, but always appreciated. Next, you get a grappling gun and hook. The string came undone on mine, making me realize the hook and rope would actually work pretty well on their own.

I bought this for $20, mainly so I'll be able to finish Bane, but I'm also happy adding another Robin to my collection. I am considering swapping out his head with another one of my Robins, since this combination just isn't working for me. While I like the articulation, there's something seriously wrong with a Robin this old school being so close in size to Batman.


  1. he's pretty cool- still enjoying mine in the package, but I'll get around to cracking him open one of these days! :D Another great post!

  2. I really like this Robin. I don't own one, but I wish I had picked one up when I had the chance.