Sunday, February 12, 2012

Minimates Monsters: Frankenstein's Monster and Dracula (B&W)

I don't generally collect Minimates, but not because I don't like them. Actually, I like the style quite a bit, and I'm really impressed with the sheer number of different franchises represented. But I'm less impressed with the price: while I've come to terms with paying $8 for a pair of Action League or Superhero Squad figures, I just can't justify that kind of cash for what amounts to modified Lego mini-figs (price, incidentally, is why you don't see many Lego mini-figs reviewed here, either).

However, when I last visited Toys R Us, I found most of their Minimates marked down to five bucks a pack. That still feels pricey, but it was enough of a cut for me to justify picking up one pack. I looked through their selection of Marvel and Ghostbusters, but ultimately went with these guys. While I'm far more a fan of those properties, there's just not much display value in a pair of superhero mini-figures: you really need a substantial collection or there's not much point. But Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster? They're simple and iconic enough to work on their own.

The pack I chose was a Toys R Us exclusive containing black and white versions of the characters. There was a color version with Dracula and Van Helsing I liked, too, and I almost bought both. In the end, I decided one was enough and went with this one. 

Dracula's cool, though the lack of color hurts the costume. I appreciate the point behind mimicking the old films - and I like the sentiment - but the version from the other set just looked better. If it weren't for his pal, I'd have gone with that pack instead.

The head on Frankenstein's Monster is really impressive. He's got a sculpted brow, which adds a remarkable amount of depth to the figure. On the other hand, his costume's relatively dull.

In addition, mine seems to have an issue. One of the feet is extremely loose, and it falls out if the figure's lifted. While these are of course meant to come apart (all pieces are interchangeable), they're also suppose to stay together. I might experiment with some superglue at some point to reduce the chances I'll lose that foot for good (I've had a few close calls already).

I like these figures, but at the same time I'm glad I don't collect them. Considering their size, these are way overpriced.


  1. My Gillman has loose feet from this line too but only my normal one. The Glow-In-The-Dark one i have from the same line is fine. Very strange to me must be the plastic used at the time i guess or something.

  2. I have been kicking myself for not picking up the Back To The Future Minimates when I saw them in TRU not too long ago.

  3. I would never buy any of them. They are just too babyish for me.

  4. Interesting. I find the longer I collect toys, the more I like stylized figures. I have a hard time seeing these as "babyish" since the small pieces mean they're not really for kids.

  5. The price of Lego and Playmobil minifigures have actually made minimates seem like a much better deal to me. Especially the ones that come with ridiculous accessories.