Friday, June 17, 2011

Action League Batman with Batcycle

I came across this in a Lots Less in Downtown Manhattan for $7.99 and couldn't decide whether or not to buy it. Well, the coin came up heads, so here we are.

This is a pretty cool toy, all things considered. The bike is obviously the high point here, and it's a nice, generic version of Batman's ride. It's a deformed version of Bat's bike in Brave and the Bold, which is in turn a deformed version of various cycles he's had in the comics. Like all the Brave and the Bold Action League toys, it's not really clear what connects this to the show as opposed to DC Comics in general. But the line has now spun off to include the larger comics Universe, so... problem solved.

The figure himself is a little dull, but he's really just here to sit on the bike. I'm a glad he can actually hold the handlebars and fits in the seat. On the other hand, that meant skipping the cape, which doesn't do the figure - or his balance - any favors. A cloth cape, or maybe just a detachable one, would have been a nice touch.

Batman's weapon isn't all that exciting either. I'm not really sure what it's even supposed to be. It looks kind of like a battering-ram gun or something. The design is reminiscent of firing projectiles conforming to over-sensitive safety regulations. But this doesn't fire: it's all one molded piece.

Whatever. The bike's cool, which is all that really matters. At eight bucks, this feels fair, though still not much of a bargain. Six would be less ambiguous, but the $10 - $15 Toys R Us has been asking is just ridiculous. Still, it's a nice piece, and I'm happy to add it to my collection.

Not everyone's glad to see it, though. In fact, Robin's downright pissed. He's asked if he could have the sidecar back:

Joking aside, I find it intriguing that the bike works as well as it does with six inch figures. If you were to replace the wheels with ones larger further down and sculpt out the bottom, you could conceivably turn this into a Batcycle suitable for 6 inch figures.

Not that I'm going to, at least any time soon. I'm happy with this toy as is. Besides, I've already got a 12th scale custom Batcycle:

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