Sunday, June 26, 2011

Iron Man 2 Hall of Armor Mark II and III

Getting from my apartment to Target isn't easy, and my wife and I don't go often. It takes us more than an hour on the subway, which isn't the most enjoyable environment to be hauling back a bag of stuff.

Still, we generally make the trip once every three or four months. This time, we stumbled across these on clearance for $3.07 each, marked down from ten. I actually picked up two of each: the bases are versatile, not to mention useful in custom projects.

Taken as is, the concept is a lot better than the execution. The lights are nice, but the dark plastic on the base diffuses them a bit too much. In addition, using what amounts to a toy version of the chest piece worn by Stark as the base leaves you with something too tall and missing a top.

The figures are pretty good, with the Mark II significantly nicer than the III. Of course, I've got more Iron Man Armor than I know what to do with now.

Overall, a heck of a bargain at three bucks and change.

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