Sunday, June 12, 2011

Assembly Line: Viper and Solstice

Apparently Toys R Us is getting ready to take inventory, because they've marked their clearance merchandise down to next to nothing. I found these in an Toys R Us express in Queens which opened for Christmas and for some reason didn't close down with the rest of them. I paid a little less than $4 each for these.

I should probably mention that I don't generally collect toy cars unless they're driven by either Batman or Speed Racer, and I'm not interested in starting now. I bought these because they came in pieces, making them ideal for custom projects. What sort of custom project? I don't know - bet I'll eventually come up with something, though.

That's the Dodge Viper above, which I haven't bothered finishing (I'd only have to disassemble it again). I did end up putting the Pontiac Solstice together, however. As I'm sure you're aware, the Solstice is car... built by Pontiac. I'm sure it gets gas mileage or something, and it probably has brakes installed. I hear all the best automobiles do.

Well, what did you expect? I live in New York City; I haven't owned a car in over five years. Plus, I've never had much interest in cars that don't fly, jump, or shoot missiles, and I'm pretty sure the Solstice does none of those things (pretty sure - I could be wrong about that missile launcher).

In terms of extras, they come with an extra set of hubcaps: again, good as custom bait, but I can't imagine they'd be all that interesting otherwise. You also get a small screwdriver to put everything together.

Regardless, the toys are pretty nice, but no more so than you'd expect from die-cast 1:24 scale vehicles. These are decent, all things considered, and are definitely worth four bucks.

Anyway, here's a comparison picture with a Batmobile.

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