Sunday, August 28, 2011

Custom: Sinestro Corps. Skeletor

Sometimes there's a custom idea that burns a hole in your head, that you spend months planning, collecting the right pieces, and building in painstaking detail.

Other times, you think of an idea, grab some junk from your bins, and whip something up in fifteen minutes.

This... isn't the former.

The body's from the Sinestro Corps Batman I reviewed over here. The head's from one of the Skeletor figures I won on eBay and discussed over here. And that small cape is from... ah... well... a plastic bag full of assorted capes we keep in our bin of custom junk. The yellow lightning he has in some of the pictures is from the same Shadowrun Liada figure we bought and tore apart years ago. I don't think Lindsay and I have ever gotten as much mileage out of anything as we got out of that figure.

Okay, the head looks small at some angles. From the side, with the shawl, it looks about right, but head-on it seems tiny. For what it's worth, it was a lot worse before I added that over-cape.

By the way, that thing works incredibly well with his existing hood. It has a small hood at the top that kind of sticks onto the bottom of Skeletor's hood and makes it look like one piece.

The yellow sword originally came with the He-Man Vs. Superman 2-pack I bought at Toys R Us a year and a half ago. I've been trying to think of something to do with that ever since: it's a great piece, but I prefer displaying He-Man with other accessories.

Finally, the Havoc Staff is one of the three I made and discussed here.

Sure. I could have used a painted MotU Classics Skeletor head to correct the scale, and I could have replaced Batman's cape and forearms (or just used a different body as a base). But all of that requires buying more toys. Not to mention work.

For something whipped up in less than an hour, I'm kind of loving the newest recruit to the Sinestro Corps.


  1. Great stuff! I especially like the idea of the yellow Power Sword--it fits him perfectly!

    Love the idea of 15 minute customs! ;)

  2. Awesome custom but I think Skeletor should be in the Black Lantern corp.... Just my opinion. :)

  3. LEon: I think it depends on whether we're talking about the original series Skeletor or the new one from the 2002 reboot. Since it's far easier to imagine to original Skeletor winding up dead than being scary, he'd be far more likely to get inducted into the Black Lantern Corps. With the redesign, I think he could go either way.