Saturday, August 6, 2011

DCU Action League: Kilowog Vs. Zilius Zox

For years, Hasbro's Super Hero Squad figures were among my favorite lines, until the show came out and the designs shifted. Seeing as I have plenty of Marvel figures in that scale and style, I'm pleased Mattel's been picking up the slack with the Action League line. Sure, it's a blatant rip-off, but what toy line isn't these days?

This pair is part of wave 3, which also included the Wonder Woman/Superman pack I reviewed a few months ago. I found this pack at a Toys R Us Express in Manhattan I'd have sworn shut down months ago. At $9.50, I somehow managed to justify the purchase I couldn't bring myself to pay $12.50 for.

This shouldn't come as much a surprise to anyone who's been following me, but Kilowog is one of my favorite lanterns. I bought an entire wave of DCUC figures just for the Collect & Connect version, and I'm pleased to have him in this scale, as well. This is a nice version, though light on the articulation - he's got cuts on the shoulders and waist and that's it. I understand why they didn't want to break the head/neck sculpt, but there's still no excuse for not giving these cut wrists. Especially with the Green Lantern figures, that would really open up some posing options.

And this is Zilius Zox, a member of the Red Lantern Corps. I love how they did his mouth, which is hollow. Likewise, those cracks on his egg-like face are awesome. Unfortunately, with nothing but cut shoulders he's even less articulated than Kilowog.

While the large Kilowog adds some value to this pack, the ten dollar price point still feels way too high. These guys really should have some accessories, starting with a stand for Zox, who's prone to falling over. I'm also a little disappointed Mattel isn't packing these with energy blasts and constructs.

Even so, with all their faults, they're pretty cool figures, and I'm pleased to have them.


  1. yeah, i LOVE this set... saw some more Action League coming out soon, including Sinestro Corps Sinestro and Arkillo :D

  2. Yeah, I might be keeping an eye out for that set. It's tough to justify - these things are clearly overpriced - but the Sinestro/Arkillo look pretty awesome.

  3. i've been getting them for eight bucks, which is okay

  4. $8 is definitely more reasonable, though they should come with stands.

    Either way, they're a better deal than what 3 3/4 inch figures are running these days.