Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Star Trek Enterprise Broken Bow Deluxe: Lt. Malcolm Reed and Tactical Systems Base

I haven't seen all of Star Trek: Enterprise, but I actually really like most of what I have. I know there's not a lot of love out there for this show - even fans of Voyager seem to dismiss it - but I was impressed with what I saw. I can't help but think that, had the show been given a theme song which wasn't THE SINGLE WORST EVER RECORDED IN TELEVISION HISTORY, maybe - just maybe - it could have lasted more than three seasons. Pity: I thought the show itself was pretty good.

So. How'd I end up owning this? That's mainly due to Figure of the Day, a website which offers a single action figure each day. I've been trying to keep an eye on the site. This showed up a few weeks back for twenty bucks, and I grabbed it, partly for the playset and partly as an experiment to see if the site was any good.

Shipping was included in the price, and it arrived fast and in great condition. What's more, the folks at Figure of the Day tossed in a Star Trek poster along with it, which was awfully nice of them.

The set (produced by Art Asylum back in the day) comes disassembled, but it's fairly easy to put together. None of the panels do anything, but there are a few play features. First, there's a button on the floor that cycles through some sounds and voice effects. It's incredibly loud but not particularly clear; I don't plan on playing with that too much.

Far more useful, the chair can swivel and is on a sliding track. This is a nice feature, one I'm happy to have. I should probably mention that this is supposed to be part of a full bridge. There's a small, plastic connector, should you buy the other sets and link them together. Assuming they released all the other sets, that is: I'm not sure whether they had a chance before the line was cancelled.

The figure... is bizarre. From the pictures, I'd assumed he was more or less a statue, similar to what you'd get from NECA. In fact, the outfit is mostly a thin, rubber membrane concealing a fully articulated figure beneath. Conceptually, it's got some merit: in reality... not so much.

First of all, his hips just look weird when he's sitting. On top of that, the rubber suit functions like a sort of elastic, preventing him from retaining positions you're not holding him in.

So, neat idea, but it doesn't really work. Pity, because the set itself is beautiful. But, what are you going to do? I mean, it's HIS playset. You can't just walk up and take it away from -- WHA?


Ahem. Sorry. Where were we? Oh yes. We were reviewing my new Bat-Computer Console Playset.

Granted, it's missing a giant screen, but I plan on correcting that in time. The overall look of the Bat-Computer console is pretty fantastic, with angled panels that evoke a bat's wings and high tech looking knobs and buttons. It's kind of perfect.

I particularly like how Batman's cape flows over the chair. It looks great, and keeps him in place. All in all, this is a fantastic bat-computer console.

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  1. Wow, those hips are really weird looking. Nice call on the Bat-computer!