Monday, August 8, 2011

DC Universe Classics Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex is one of those DC characters I don't have any interest in reading about, but I really like that he's there. Mainly, I love that, from time to time, he can show up in crossovers with other characters, thanks to the magic of time travel or the flashbacks of really old super villains. That episode of Batman the Animated Series... brilliant.

I wanted this toy from more or less the second I saw preview images. Of course, the problem with preview images is that they're never as good as what makes it to shelves. Never. Never ever.

Okay, maybe this once.

I'm actually a little shocked by just how good this figure looks. The sculpt and paint work here are way better than what we usually get on mass-market toys. This isn't just good, this is NECA/DC Direct quality. All on a figure with ACTUAL ARTICULATION (hey, DC Direct: you should try this sometime).

That said, the articulation isn't quite what Mattel usually offers us. The abs hinge, while presumably under there somewhere, is sculpted over and effectively MIAF*. In addition, the low coat limits the articulation on the legs, and the right elbow (on mine at least) seems to have issues bending more than about 45 degrees (left's fine, though). The neck joint is also limited, but that is something we're used to on this line.

All of those are issues, of course, but they don't detract much from the overall figure. The figure's appearance is just so damn effective, it's hard to hold minor issues against it. There's a lot of detail here, from the crossed swords on his hat to the "CSA" belt buckle to the spurs on his boots: the Four Horsemen took some time and got this right.

And I haven't even mentioned his scars yet. The work here is simply phenomenal, far more effective and certainly more gruesome than you'd ever hope to see on something sold at Toys R Us. Yet, here it is.

Hex comes with three accessories: a shot gun, a pistol, and Bane's leg. I'll get to the leg in a minute: first let's talk about the firearms. Both have painted handles, which look pretty good. The only quibble I have is with the barrels of the shotgun, which aren't hollow. Even some dots of black paint could have created the illusion - I might have to add some at some point.

As for Bane, I'm always happy to have spare parts in my custom bin. On top of that, who's to say this isn't all that was left of one of Hex's bounties?

I purchased this figure at Toys R Us, where he was on sale for $12.50, marked down from $18.50. Full price is a little tough to swallow, but I was happy to pick him up marked down. I've heard these are even cheaper outside of New York this month.

*Missing in Action Figure. Obviously.


  1. If I saw him markwed down, I'd go for it, too! He really is a cool figure, in spite of the fact that I've never read the title....

  2. One i would get at a marked down price for sure.

  3. Toybox: I'm having a hard time thinking of much I've read with Hex (I think he had a small role in Crisis on Infinite Earths). But - setting aside the awful movie - there was an amazing DC Showcase short attached to one of the direct-to-DVD features, and Hex's appearances in Batman TAS and JLU are legendary (if you haven't seen those, you've got some homework, sir).