Thursday, August 25, 2011

When is a Review Not a Review?

With a name like E. Nigma, what could Edward have aspired to beside supervillainy, and with so keen a mind, who else but the Batman could he match wits against? Why does a Joker knock-off endure and become associated with a beloved actor? How does the character survive and adapt to each editorial change and paradigm shift in comics?

More importantly, how does a third-rate villain manage not one but two releases in Mattel's DC Universe Classics line? And is Mattel so strapped for money they feel the need to leave his cane unpainted?

Upon setting eyes upon the detailed arm of Bane, will I be driven to collect and connect all the pieces? And, perhaps most importantly, would I ever have purchased The Riddler had he not been marked down to $12.50 at Toys R Us?

Is this a great figure? A good one? Would I have bought him otherwise?


  1. I liked the way it looked, and preordered one on Amazon- he arrived without his cane & QUITE late, so I sent him back. Is he a GREAT DCUC? Well, no he's pretty average there, BUT I had ordered him, and never see him out on the pegs, so I think he might've been very popular at least

  2. He looks decent but i think i would like him better in his suit and hat.