Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Star Trek: Klingon Bird of Prey

I'm shopping at the Time Square Toys R Us, selected what I want (or not, if they don't have anything I'm looking for), and then I go down the basement floor, where they keep all the die-cast cars. I find the Klingon Bird of Prey and take it to a scanner to verify it's still $15.

It is. It always is.

I do this every time I go in. For about a year. The Bird of Prey moves around sometimes, but I always find it, always scan it. And it's always fifteen bucks.

Until today. Today, it's eight dollars. And, unlike $15, that's something I'm willing to pay.

This is a pretty cool toy. The package claims it's die-cast - and I'm sure some of it is - but the majority is clearly plastic. No problem: if I was prejudiced against fossil fuels I wouldn't be running this blog.

Like the Next Gen Enterprise I bought last year, it's a lot bigger than the matchbox cars, but a good deal shorter than the more expensive Diamond Select toys.

This actually has some articulation in the wings. You can move them into three positions - up, neutral, and down - similar to how they move in the show. The base, while echoing the shape of the Federation symbol, is in Klingon colors and has their empire's insignia on the side. Once again, the ship is held in place by a ball-joint.

Which reminds me: be very careful when playing with these. The reason you don't see any comparison shots with the Next Gen Enterprise is that the peg snapped on me.


  1. I do the same thing, and this is one here that is still the original price, so I wait. Great pick up and great price.

  2. Our TRU is like that too. They will have things stuck at prices for a long time before they will mark it down.

  3. Sadly, I think Toys R Us started paying attention to what they were doing a few years back. There was a time you could walk in, start checking everything in sight, and eventually come across something amazing for 80 to 90% off. While this still occurs from time to time, the frequency seems to have dropped off.