Friday, January 6, 2012

Green Lantern Constructs

Recently, I've been buying a lot of cheap 3.75 inch Green Lantern merchandise for their energy constructs, and I wanted to post some pictures showing how those look with 6 inch figures.

Above, I've got Sodam Yat posing with a crossbow from the Ultimate Construct Collection, along with Sinestro's smaller energy sword. The crossbow is attached using the connector that came with Kilowog. It's a tad awkward: it seems to work best with the more 2-dimensional constructs, like the pinchers pictured below:

I'm pleased to report I found an even better use for a few of these constructs that doesn't require the connectors. On a hunch, I pulled my Katma Tui off the shelf. To date, she's the only female member of the Lantern Corps Mattel's produced (a shame: there are some great characters out there), and the constructs she came with were a bit lacking:

I like the idea of her having a sword and shield, but those are quite possibly the crappiest constructs Mattel's made to date. On top of that, none of the other 6-inch constructs fit her hands, because they're so much smaller than the male characters'.

Fortunately, the miniature constructs made for the 3.75 inch figures are just right. Like I said, I wanted to maintain the sword/shield combo, but I gave her an upgrade:

Much better. She has trouble standing up with the shield, but I've got her (along with most of the Corps) wired up in flight anyway, so that's no real problem.

The next step is to take a look at some of the extra connectors I've got and see if I can build some new constructs off of them using various green plastic parts I have lying around.

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  1. Very nice upgrades. ^_^
    I agree that the energy constructs look very nice. Especially the upgrade to Katma.