Saturday, January 21, 2012

Green Lantern Classics: Collect & Connect Arkillo

Arkillo's one of those characters you either love, hate, or have no clue who the hell he is. Most people, honestly, probably fit into that last category, since he's a relatively new addition to the DC Universe.

Personally, I kind of love Arkillo. Yeah, yeah: the concept is completely ridiculous. He's the Sinestro Corps' drill sergeant, so he's basically an evil Kilowog. But that's why I love the guy: he's the Silver-Age nemesis Kilowog never had.

To put Arkillo together, you had to buy all six figures in the first wave of the Green Lantern Classics line. And - honestly - he's the only reason I bought about half of them.

As usual, the Four Horsemen did some phenomenal work on the head and hands. The rest, though, seems to be the same body used for Kilowog. This wouldn't be a problem if it had been a great body, but frankly it's a little dull. There's just not much detail or sculpting work, leaving the figure a bit bland. He's still cool - like I said, the head and hands are really cool, and the symbols and gauntlets are good - but I'd have liked to see a bit more effort, given what I paid.

Arkillo doesn't come with any accessories of his own, but I was a little surprised to discover the constructs that came with the Sinestro/Hal two-pack seem to fit over his fingers. I have no idea whether this was intentional, but they stay on pretty well. They're too small to really work, but they're certainly good for a laugh.


  1. he's very cool- i went witht the DCD version 'cause i'm resentful about Mattel teying to make me collect & connect, but ya got a good one here :)

  2. Now i like this guy....Big,Brutish and scary to be honest. And old Kilo needed to have a nemesis and this guy fills the bill.

  3. @Super: While I far prefer this version, there's no denying the DC Direct Arkillo is an awesome figure and a far superior value. Plus, the DC Direct one comes with accessories.