Saturday, January 14, 2012

Movie Masters Green Lantern: Hal Jordan with Bzzd

Mattel's Movie Masters line has been alliterative but not particularly consistent. They released some amazing Batman figures, but a lot of the Dark Knight's supporting cast has been mediocre. The first wave of their Green Lantern figures, on the other hand, was mostly good: by and large, the aliens looked phenomenal (though from what I've seen, the Parallax build-a-figure is a flop).

While I wasn't a fan of the movie, I still wanted a Hal for my collection. When I saw one going for eight bucks at a local discount store, I got excited. Then I took a closer look and realized the figure kind of sucked. But then I looked EVEN CLOSER and realized it was actually a two-pack, as it also included Bzzd, an insectoid alien Green Lantern. And that's awesome.

The cool thing about Bzzd is that, due to his small size, I could display him with my Green Lantern Classics figures, and no one would notice he was out of place with the comic book versions of the Lantern Corps. Granted, no one would notice him at all, but that's hardly relevant, is it?

Actually, you get a few accessories here. In addition to the two Lanterns, you also get a green display stand. It's more or less identical to the ones that sometimes come with DC Universe Classics figures, but green. You wouldn't think molding it a different color would count for much, but honestly I think it's a pretty big improvement.

The last accessory is a Green Lantern ring. Unlike the pieces of junk Mattel stuck in every one of those damn 3.75 inch figures, this one is actually pretty nice. In fact, considering it's just an extra, I'd say it's really nice.

Sure, it's definitely a toy and not a high end replica, but it would certainly work as a costume piece. Also, it's not a bad fit:

That's a good thing, too, because the headliner in this pack, Hal Jordan, really isn't much to look at. This version differs from the Hal in wave one by being unmasked, being much blander in color, and having some of the crappiest paint ops I've seen in a while. Seriously, Mattel?

The articulation is also annoying. I get that Mattel was trying to design something with as many ball joints as possible, but it winds up providing surprisingly little range of movement, crappy balance, and still looks incredibly stupid, especially when compared with the earlier Movie Masters Batman.

This is definitely one of those times when the accessories eclipse the figure. On his own, this Hal isn't even worth the eight bucks he was marked down to, but the ring, secondary character, and (to a lesser extent) even the stand add up, making this is a good deal.


  1. Ahhh, never seen Bzzd! Very cool, and I dig the green stand as well :)

  2. Man! that's a human hand? cut it off god sake! LOL