Monday, January 16, 2012

Green Lantern Classics: Mongul

For reasons I'm not entirely clear on, Mattel keeps releasing Mongul. It's possible they're under the impression he's a far more important villain than he actually is. Or I suppose it's also possible they just really, really like the sculpt the Four Horsemen did for them (it is, to be fair, really cool).

At any rate, they released Mongul at least twice before. As far as I know, this is the same sculpt, though I can't say for certain, because this is the first I bought and I'm clearly too lazy to spend the necessary 5 minutes of research finding out.

Regardless, he's not exactly the same as the other releases, since this is the Sinestro Corps version who showed up in Green Lantern a year or two back. I didn't actually read that arc, but I think I get the general idea: he tried to take over the Sinestro Corps from Sinestro and wound up being an antagonist for both the good guys and bad guys.

The figure is certainly imposing. I'm also in awe of the Four Horsemen's ability to turn a color scheme usually associated with My Little Pony and turn it into something genuinely awesome (also adapt at this trick: My Little Pony).

My one complaint with Mongul is that his articulation is extremely limited by his bulk and his belt. But I suppose that's the price you pay.

He comes with Arkillo's left arm, which is a big part of why I bought him. In addition, he comes with the same crappy pair of 3D glasses every character in this wave was packaged with. Noticeably absent is a Black Mercy, the alien flower used by this character to entrap his enemies within a fantasy world.

These started out costing more than $20, but I found him on clearance for less than $9. There's nothing like the period right after Christmas for finding deals.


  1. I might have to go and find one for myself now that they are on mark-down i rather like Mongul.

  2. if i see him at that price, i might buy- he looks pretty good out of the package