Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Green Lantern Classics: Hal Jordan Vs. Sinestro

This is by no means a new set: it came out in advance of the Green Lantern movie in an attempt to cash in on its success (ha!). It's a Toys R Us Exclusive, which seems kind of excessive since there aren't that many other toy stores left. When you get down to it, all that really means is that these aren't sold at Walmart or Target.

At any rate, Toys R Us has been trying to unload these for the low, low, not-at-all-low price of forty-something dollars. Here in the city, I'm pretty sure they were charging around $45 at one point. Even if I didn't already have both a Hal Jordan and a Sinestro, that's a lot of dough.

But I'm a sucker for a deal, so I jumped when these hit $20 (actually, I paid less than that: I combined it with a Google Offer that got me a $20 credit at Toys R Us's website for $10). At any rate, I got a good price.

This is basically the same Hal we've gotten before, though he's painted in a more metallic paint than last time. I'm pretty sure Sinestro's unchanged, too, assuming you got this version and not the far superior Sinestro-Corps variant.

Actually, I'm a little unhappy with Sinestro. The peg on his left hand snapped when he came out of the box. I superglued it back on, but that was that for wrist articulation.

The main selling point on this line was the new accessories. And when I say "new" I'm of course being sarcastic. I'm pretty sure all of these were existing sculpts from other DCUC accessories done in semi-clear plastic. I can never get enough energy constructs, so this was a major reason I bought the set. It might not have been the best reason, however.

Above, you can see two of Sinestro's weapons and one of Hal's in action. I'm pretty sure the mace was from Hawkman, and the others are from some of the Metal Men. Hal's ball and chain are cool, but the fact the chain isn't green is a big problem. I think Sinestro's ax is okay, but it looks kind of cheap; same with the mace.

The gun originally came with John Stewart. Apparently, something happened to the mold between then and now, because while that one works perfectly, this one's malformed. I can't seem to get it to fit correctly on Hal's arm, no matter how hard I try. Again, the plastic is kind of cheap-looking.

Next up, we've got Sinestro's wrench and Hal's pizza slicer. Look, I realize that these characters have a history of whipping out random constructs, but these are kind of silly. Even if they'd flipped the colors, it would have been better: I just don't see Hal disemboweling his foes, nor can I imagine Sinestro fixing a toilet. The wrench does tighten and the saw does spin, though. If you care.

Finally, there's... this. It's playing off of a classic comic cover, which depicted the two standing on opposite sides of a power battery that was half green and half yellow. Yeah. Fine on paper, but stupid in reality. Unless you really want to build a display recreating that image, this isn't really useful. Really, for the amount they were charging, this set should have contained this thing along with a green and yellow power battery. Not that I really need more green lanterns, mind you: I've got a ton of them now.

At any rate, these are cool figures, and if you missed the earlier waves, now's a good time to pick them up on clearance. However, if you've already got these, don't think you need them for the constructs: they're not as good as you'd hope.

Oh, and one more thing: be careful with those wrist joints.


  1. I need a Green Lantern figure for the Justice League collection I hope to build. I may look into this if I can find them at a decent price.

  2. Man that set has been collecting dust at TRU for i don't know how long and it has been sitting there with the other GL stuff. I still think it's too high once(and if) it hits rock bottom price it should sell finally i would think.