Sunday, January 1, 2012

Green Lantern 3.75 Inch Figures

Now that we're a solid six months from the most disappointing movie of the year, the toys are finally hitting clearance. Mattel went nuts getting products onto the shelves in preparation for this thing, and I suspect they were even more underwhelmed with the film than I was (had the movie done better, there likely would be fewer toys left in clearance).

These are actually only a few of the toys I picked up. I'm focusing on these two, because - frankly - they get redundant.

Taken out of context, these toys suck. There's just no getting around that: the sculpts are crap, the paint can't save them, the articulation is about two decades out of date, and their accessories are grossly oversized for these figures. I mean, look at Sinestro:

That sword's as big as he is. It looks absurd and garish, even for something aimed at kids. Likewise, Kilowog's accessory is useless unless you buy other toys: he comes with a connector to make up the difference between his large hands and the others in the line. It works, for what it's worth:

The only other accessory you get is a ring with each figure. By the way, these seem to photograph better than they look in person:

Be aware these are scaled for young kids: don't think you're getting a cheap Halloween costume if you're over the age of twelve. In addition, these are far thicker than they should be. I was far more taken with these in the package than in reality.

So, these are completely worthless, and you shouldn't waste your time.

Except... all of that is looking at what these toys are in and of themselves. In the greater scheme of things, there's something of value here, if you're willing to look for it.

It's those constructs. The connector that Kilowog comes with doesn't just fit his hands: it also fits 6 inch figures. Which means you've got the ability to turn any of the movie constructs into accessories for your DC Universe Classics and Green Lantern Classics figures.

If you can find these things cheap enough, go for it. I wound up paying around four bucks each for these: I wouldn't be at all surprised if they're cheaper outside New York.


  1. Yeah i saw Wal-Mart had these all Red-Tagged and they were still sitting there un-touched!

  2. i saw them marked down, but STILL passed on them :D But hey- the Kiliwog is kinda cool! Happy New Year!