Sunday, September 4, 2011

DCU/MotU Classics: Supergirl Vs. She-Ra

Part of me really wishes I'd gotten into Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics line when it started. The other part of me knows there's a limit to what any action figure is worth, both in terms of money and frustration. Still, there's no denying the artistic and critical success of the line.

Nevertheless, I just don't have the patience to wrestle with Matty's online ordering system, nor am I willing to dish out the shipping fees associated with their figures. $30 is just too much to pay for a six inch figure.

But it's not necessarily too much to pay for two. Mattel's released a handful of DCU/Masters of the Universe Classics 2-packs through Toys R Us. I bought the first two packs about a year and a half ago, and I've been building custom bases and buying them additional weapons ever since.

When I heard this set had shown up on Amazon for $30 with free shipping, I turned to my wife, expecting to be reminded that we don't have enough space, it's still really expensive, and we have already have a 6 inch Supergirl. Instead, I discovered that my wife really wanted a She-Ra action figure.

So here we are.

I'll start with a few notes on the packaging. First, I find it bizarre that Mattel's still playing up the "vs" angle. Originally, this started with a classic comic where He-Man fought a magically-controlled Superman. But that's ancient history: I don't think there's ever been an issue where She-Ra and Supergirl faced off. So why play this up as a fight at all?

Moreover, why use Supergirl at all? Isn't She-Ra's opposite in the DCU Wonder Woman?

The back of the package raises some questions, as well. They've slapped on the bio from the current incarnation of Supergirl. Had She-Ra ever battled Supergirl, wouldn't she have fought the pre-Crisis version?

Of course, if you know me, you know my philosophy regarding packaging: trash goes in the trash can. I'd buy these just as quickly if they came in zip-top bags.

If you came here looking for pictures of Supergirl, you're going to be disappointed. There are one or two, but overall I'm going to be focusing on She-Ra. Frankly, I don't think anyone's buying these 2-packs for the DC figures: most collectors have plenty of those. But, for those of us unwilling to deal with Matty Collector's website or the mark-ups online, this is the only way we can get these toys.

I should mention that this re-release of She-Ra actually comes with the variant head, rather than the primary. Michael Crawford reviewed the original figure here, if you want some pictures of the other head design. In his review, he mentioned that he preferred the variant, and I agree. If we could only have one, I'm glad Mattel went with this one. They also dropped her ax/comb, and I'm not feeling too bad about that omission either.

The figure looks incredibly good (I particularly love her hair), though the articulation is lacking. Due to the skirt, her legs have only a tiny range of motion. She's also missing any articulation in her stomach or waist. Despite the hair, her head actually retains a decent amount, largely due to the fact it's loose. This isn't a criticism: it's supposed to come off.

She-Ra has two or three accessories, depending on how you're counting. She comes with her sword and shield, both of which are great. I love the translucent gems: the effect is really nice. In addition, her head pops off, allowing you to remove her cape:

She's a great figure, and I'm thrilled to be able to display her beside her brother. I'm even happier that, due to her tiara, she looks a little taller than him.

The Supergirl is a version they've released previously, as well, though they may have updated her head and hair (I can't say for sure: until now I only owned the version in the blue shirt). The hair is very soft, which keeps it from interfering with her articulation. Unfortunately, the sculpt is a long way beneath the level of quality we've come to expect from this line.

Supergirl doesn't come with any accessories of her own, though the pack does include something billed as a "mini-poster". Personally, I think "mini-poster" is a tad generous of a description. This is basically the section of the packaging that originally contained the He-Man Vs. Superman comics that came with the first two sets. Only now the comics aren't included, so all you get is a rectangle of cardboard trying to sell the concept of a Supergirl/She-Ra fight.

It's actually reversible, containing a portion of Castle Greyskull on the back:

Yeah, maybe if it were a little taller.

Seeing as how I didn't really need another Supergirl, I'm glad I got this for $30. If I'd waited for it to show up in stores around here, I'd have paid at least $35. I really like She-Ra, but that would probably have been a bit too much.


  1. I'd think about getting this set if they used a different version of Supergirl. I hate that costume!

  2. I didn't know this was out yet very cool i bought the first two that was released but will pass on these last two.