Friday, September 30, 2011

Reveal the Shield Optimus Prime

I picked this Optimus Prime up in a Lots Less for eight bucks, and I'm about to say something I almost never say: I wish I'd skipped this one.

While this isn't an awful toy, it's extremely underwhelming. It's based on the movie version of the character, and - for this scale - it isn't a horrible representation. But, overall, there's just something off about the appearance, particularly in robot form. The entire thing looks a bit garish, especially in the face. At a glance, it almost looks more like a dollar store knock-off than the real thing.

The vehicle form is a little better, though not much. I should point out that this is the last time I expect to have this guy in vehicle form: he took a long time to convert. I've got Transformers with transformations that are more complex, but given how mediocre this one looks, it's just not worth the effort.

Despite the ridiculous shoulders, Prime has some decent, though not exception articulation. He comes with that giant sword, which - incidentally - gets shoved up between his legs when you transform him.

At about five or six inches tall, this is actually the second Prime I have in this scale. The other, based on the original cartoon, is far better.

At eight bucks, I'm not down a huge amount of money. But, frankly, he just wasn't worth the money. I really feel for anyone who got duped into paying twice that for this guy.

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  1. Am not a fan of the movie versions of the Transformers myself and so i have only bought some of the Generations/Revel The Shield ones that were much closer to the original ones of my youth.