Saturday, September 17, 2011

Picture: Ghosts are a Superstitious and Cowardly Lot


  1. that is QUITE THE SCENE! i just love that ship- WOW! ...say, where'd those clear figures come from??

  2. The clear figures - actually all the figures, with the exception of Batman - are from the Armies of Middle Earth line (the clear guys are the ghosts from Return of the King).

    The boat is a Mega Bloks King Arthur Attack Action Warship (

    I've actually been sitting on these pictures for a few years now. They were originally intended as a multi-part "Wasting Time" photo essay in the Clearance Bin, with Batman traveling to Middle Earth and solving their problems. I had plans to take tons of pictures with Batman figures in multiple scales fighting or hanging out with Lord of the Rings toys.

    I took four or five pictures, and meant to get around to the rest. But that never happened, so I figured I'd post the pictures I took.

  3. Just too cool am dig this picture as well and just thinking of the story of this.