Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hot Wheels: Star Trek Enterprise 1701 Refit

Lindsay and I found a whole wave of these at a National Wholesale Liquidators in Queens going for five bucks each. Even though we already have a really nice Original Series Enterprise from Art Asylum, we decided we wouldn't mind having one in this scale, as well.

Technically, this is actually the redesign of the Enterprise for the early Star Trek films. This one, if memory serves, was in Wrath of Kahn, one of the best.

As before, this comes with a Federation-style base. I'm really pleased with the level of detail and overall look of the toy.


  1. Nice find. I can never seem to find those kinds of deals.

  2. I'm persistent and stingy: it's a winning combination.

  3. Great find! Hot Wheels are begging to get a lot more fun these days, what with all the funky deigns and great paint! Oh and the Starship Enterprise, of course. ;P