Saturday, September 10, 2011

Define "Bargain"

I was really excited when I saw these three used figures in a lot on Ebay for $23, including shipping. I mean, that's less than $8 a figure. Sure, I've already got the Skeletor and a Powergirl, but they certainly make good custom bait. And Orion's a figure I've been after for a while. His harness is extremely cool, and even has some moving bits.

Yes sir, I was feeling pretty good about this purchase. Then, between ordering them and having them arrive, I stopped by the Super Duper Toy Box, to find that the Boy Wonder had just scored SIXTEEN DC UNIVERSE CLASSICS FIGURES FOR $6.69 EACH.

Okay, Toy Box. You win this round.


  1. I have and love that Skeletor figure and am liking the Orion figure.

  2. that's an awesome Skeletor! I had a chance at Orion for $6.69 as well, but had to stop somewhere :D

  3. LOL - Damn, that must have been one hell of a sale.

    I'm surprised to see Orions appearing in the used market at these prices. These were from all the way back in wave 1, and if memory serves, they were one of the more sought after figures. I wonder if some people are getting rid of their DCUC collections now that DC's rebooting.

    If so, I may need to spend some more time on Ebay....

  4. Later on, they did release an Orion with a removable helmet, so that may have made the first version a bit less desirable.

  5. Right - in the two pack with Lightray. I completely forgot about that. Oh, well: whatever brings the price down to what I can afford is fine by me!